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Clinical Intelligence

JoeyDoctor technology – the expert engine, machine learning and generative AI for personalized health insight. Our physician decision support tools provide healthcare professionals with valuable insights and recommendations, empowering them to make the individual and corporate health report within 1 click.




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Clinical Explorer

Clinical Explorer is a clinical data platform that integrates health data, applies advanced analytics for predictive insights, enables targeted health exploration, and facilitates personalized health campaigns. It serves for healthcare professionals, insurers, and HR departments, empowering them to deliver personalized care, identify potential health risks, and enhance the effectiveness of health campaigns.


Healthcare Opportunity

Health Atlas

Health Atlas is a powerful tool that utilizes real-time data and advanced analytics to monitor and track non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in public health.

With Health Atlas, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and researchers gain access to accurate information, trends, and patterns related to NCDs. It empowers decision-makers to identify high-risk populations, effectively allocate resources, and implement proactive planning, targeted interventions, aimed at reducing the burden of NCDs.


we've always believed that to revolutionize healthcare, we must embrace the future. Here are some stories that showcase how we've been at the forefront of innovation, employing Artificial Intelligence to provide meaningful insights and ensuring top-tier care.

I've always believed that healthcare should be a balance of advanced technology and human touch. We strive for excellence in medical services. Partnering with Ocare Health Club has truly redefined our approach to patient care. Leveraging their AI-powered health insights, we've been able to proactively address patient needs, often before they even realize them. Their sophisticated AI model provides data-driven strategies that empower our medical professionals to design highly personalized care plans.

As a premier educational institution, the University is always in pursuit of integrating cutting-edge technologies to enhance both our curriculum and our research capabilities. In our collaboration with Ocare Health Club, we saw a confluence of vision and innovation. Their AI-driven health insights have not only been an invaluable resource for our medical research departments but have also enriched our student's learning experiences.



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